About 8 months ago I started publishing articles on Medium, since it seems to me a good platform to share my knowledge, what I am learning, with the hope that it can be useful to someone.

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Although my articles are basically focused on the development of mobile applications for iOS…

Introduce ‘map’, ‘reduce’, ‘filter’, ‘flatMap’, and ‘compactMap’ into your code

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You can also find this history at https://www.raulferrergarcia.com/en/improve-your-swift-code-with-higher-order-functions/

In previous articles, we’ve seen how to improve the architecture of our code through design patterns and the use of SOLID principles. Now we’ll see how to improve our Swift code with higher-order functions. …

Comparable enums, multi-pattern catch clauses, no need for self in closures, and more

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What is new in Swift 5.3 (whose publication process was announced by Apple on 3/25) can be found both at the code level (e.g., multi-pattern catch, multiple trailing closure) and in the use of Swift Package Manager (addition of binary dependencies or resources). Here I detail some of the new…

Show your users exactly how to get somewhere

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Have you noticed the number of applications that show us a map in which they place us, indicate interesting places nearby, mark routes …? In this article, I will explain how to build a maps-and-routes application with MapKit.

But what is MapKit? MapKit is an Apple framework that bases its…

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