Discovering Cryptocurrency and Publish0x

About 8 months ago I started publishing articles on Medium, since it seems to me a good platform to share my knowledge, what I am learning, with the hope that it can be useful to someone.

Publish0x discovery

Although my articles are basically focused on the development of mobile applications for iOS, about 4 months ago, during the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I began to be interested in the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It was at this time that I discovered Publish0x.

Publish0x is a blogging platform in which registered people (simply with an email, with Facebook or with Twitter), earn cryptocurrencies (currently Ethereum -ETH-, Basic Attention Token -BAT- and LoopRing -LRC-) for reading the articles other people’s or write your own.

Register in Publish0x:

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is a platform focused on crypto assets, where people who read articles can give a tip (which is provided by the sponsors of the platform), deciding what part of the tip is for the reader (up to 80%) and what part is for the author (up to 100%).

20% tip for the author and 80% for reader.
100% tip for the author.
Post tipped.

But, apart from being a reader, you can also become an author on Publish0x after a simple approval process. In this way, every time you publish an article, the users of the platform will be able to read it and give you tips, increasing your income in cryptocurrencies.

That is, unlike Medium, in which an author’s income (if he is registered as ‘premium’) depends on the payments of other Medium users, while in Publish0x these funds come from sponsors.

How income is received

Since Publish0x uses cryptocurrencies to pay, you need a wallet that supports Ethereum. There are many banknotes of this type that you can download, such as Atomic (it is the one that Publish0x recommends), Metamask, or go to exchange platforms such as Coinbase (in case you start to like cryptocurrencies and want to try investing in some, with careful, yes. Coinbase has a Learning platform when you can earn more cryptocurrency by learning).

To receive payments from Publish0x, you must simply have exceeded a minimum amount of the currency that you want to transfer to the wallet. This minimum amount is only $1.

That is, when one of the three cryptocurrencies has exceeded the value of $1, we can tell Publish0x to transfer that cryptocurrency to the wallet. This is done by Publish0x every Monday, although it is not necessary to withdraw every week, you can accumulate and withdraw, for example, every month.

What to write about

In Publish0x you can write about any topic, although it is mainly focused on the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies world (that’s why I discovered this platform, when studying and looking for information about these fields). But there are also articles on photography, music, art…

As an author, while in Medium you create publications in which you collect your articles, in Publish0x you create Blogs.
In Publish0x the quality of the articles depends on the authors, but the fact that they are more or less popular (there is a specific section for them), will depend on the readers and their ability to give them tips and upvotes. That is, if you are a good author, your articles will be rewarded and will be easily visible.


This is a point in favor of Publish0x, if you register with my referral:

When you are the author of Publish0x and a friend of yours registers with your reference, you will earn 5% of the tips that of your friend. And if he invites others, then your friend will also earn 5%. Therefore, if you want to register and you do it with my reference, I will appreciate it.


Publish0x is a recent platform that is growing and is attracting many users. What is attracting users is that it is a crypto agnostic platform, in which it is free to join and where readers and authors earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies.

And, although it mainly deals with topics about crypto assets, there are many other topics, which are expected to increase in popularity as more people with new concerns join the platform.

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